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kickerpick 老鹰

今天的KickerPick给大家带来北京著名滑手老鹰的视频,拍摄于Woodward 室内板场内,各种Air Time和Transfer动作娴熟无比,配上LarrysPizza的Off the Wall更是躁上添躁!

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Poler和Nike SB不久前联合发布了一套帅气十足的服饰和鞋款,为了庆祝这次发布,NikeSB 旗下滑手Daryl Angel, Donovon Piscopo 和 Wieger Van Wageningen一起来到克罗地亚,美丽的大海和风味十足的街道让人向往,又是一部Chill的大片
For the holidays Poler and Nike SB join forces for a collaboration featuring four unique styles of footwear and an accompanying apparel collection. To celebrate the collection, we headed to Croatia with skateboarders Daryl Angel, Donovon Piscopo, and Wieger Van Wageningen. We went skateboarding in some of the oldest cities in the world and set out by boat to explore and camp on the islands in the midst of the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic. Shop the collecton on polerstuff.com and nike.com and at select nike retailers worldwide.
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在Berrics收购The Skateboard Mag之后不久,最新一期Skateboard Mag(130期)焕发新生,正式在美国发布!发布会现场选定在加州Santa Monica的Black酒吧内进行,而最显眼的就是那张Guy Mariano的封面照片了!我们也为大家综合了发布会的详细信息,速度围观
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Parisii / XIX

| 22 Nov 2014 ||

parisii xix
@NikeSB 赞助拍摄法国长片Parisii/XIX出炉!黑白色的画面穿插视频之中复古感觉十足,一群人从中国城出发将整个巴黎玩遍,各种奇怪的连招随处可见,将欧洲滑手独有的快节奏表现地淋漓尽致

Our Paris visit, orchestrated by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon continues! The XIXth arrondissement on its own, both improbable cultural patchwork and an often heterogeneous mix of classic Paris landscape with already dated modern architecture, would already be the ideal playground, but this edit goes a bit further.
This is the first collaboration of the project creators with Matias Elichabehere, a musician whose work you would already know from Minuit, Soleil Levant, or Lenz2… Matias even filmed quite a lot for this, on top of cutting a custom fit soundtrack, offering you a quite special Parisii episode. Enjoy with both eyes and ears!

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art of board
生活方式设计品牌Art of Board以其拼贴瓷砖闻名于世,这些瓷砖由回收的废旧滑板制作而成。今日Art of Board联合Orange County的儿童医院,为院内青少年治疗室揭幕了一面新的拼贴墙壁,以表示对在这里进行康复的青少年的支持。
PRESS RELEASE -Orange County, CA (November 19, 2014) – Art of Board, a lifestyle and design brand known for its hard surface tiles made from recycled skateboard decks, joined with the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC Children’s) to unveil a new tile wall installation in the hospital’s teen room.

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1999年我还在西安上大学,认识了我们学校唯一一个从北京来的也滑板的朋友陶正,我从他那里第一次看到 Transworld 滑板杂志。

那时候只有学校图书馆才能上网,我在网上搜到 TWS 的网站,找到他们当时主编的 email,我发邮件给他说我是一个中国的 skater,很喜欢滑板,但是这里买不到你们的杂志, blah, blah, blah…
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大师和杰作这两个词组成的那就是大师的杰作,Z-Flex大师系列板面又为Pat Ngoho推出新板面,本次合作款由传奇滑板制造人Paul Schmitt联合打造。

November 17, 2014 – California, USA – The Z-Flex Master Crafted series takes the true meaning of the words ‘master’ and ‘crafted’, to create a skateboard that’s as unique as the people involved. For this Master Crafted release, we’ve teamed up with Pat Ngoho to ‘Craft’ his own board with legendary skateboard craftsman himself- Paul Schmitt.
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