• 8月2日 2014红牛DragonSK8极限腾跃滑板赛8月2日 2014红牛DragonSK8极限腾跃滑板赛 Jul 30, 2014
  • KickerPick – 北京南宫滑一滑KickerPick – 北京南宫滑一滑 Jul 29, 2014
  • 飞说不可16 – 专访“摩擦哥”(视频版)飞说不可16 – 专访“摩擦哥”(视频版) Jul 29, 2014
  • KTV – OLD LINE – 袁飞KTV – OLD LINE – 袁飞 Jul 24, 2014

今年的一个重要赛事,红牛DragonSK8 极限腾跃湘湖挑战赛即将在本周末开赛,比赛很有创造性的把场地修建在了湖面上!国内滑板人板场建造专家周伟也参与了道具的制作搭建过程,今天他发回了场地搭建最新进展的照片,来先睹为快!
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Almost Famous第16集发布!这次带来的是2006年用VX在日本拍摄的经典片段,包含Lewis Marnell,Chris Halsam当然还有Daewon的精彩表演,同时还有一段Rodney Mullen的小访谈,Mullen表示,他将继续拍摄自己的滑板视频!又有的期待了!
Haslam, Lewis and Coop battle a Mechapark in Japan. Rodney reflects. (He’s filming again!) Almost local Steven Ban rolls the rocks. Daewon exorcises his spin demons. Lewis drops some golden advice that may just bring a tear to your eye. #LewisMarnellForever

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Check out all of the new gear from Brixton in this video and the Lookbook.
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滑板只是Danny Way众多交通工具中的一种,他还喜欢赛车,摩托车等任何能给予其速度感和力量感的东西,宝马就邀请到Danny Way拍摄新车视频,发布新BMW M3和全新BMW M4车型,肌肉感十足线条看着口水四溢,Danny Way也用他经典的飞越长城为宝马代言

A skateboard is only one of Danny Way’s vehicles. Anyone who’s followed his career long enough knows he’s super into fast cars, dirt bikes, and anything else that’ll give him at least a little thrill — hell, just look at the ramps he builds if you need anymore evidence on that matter. But his 2004 BMW E46 M3, that’s his pride and joy. To announce the launch of the all new BMW M3 and first ever BMW M4, Danny shows off his beast of a car and reflects on how it relates to the ramps and style of skating he’s known for. And yup, as you’d expect… It hauls ass.
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  • Avenue & Son, Team Introduction
  • “WISH YOU WERE HERE” Vans 滑板队亚洲巡回北京站视频呈现
  • OFF THE WALL CHINA – 张良 采访
  • 2014年第五届深圳‘禁毒杯’极限运动挑战赛回顾
  • James Capps’ “Seek Know1edge” Part
  • Welcome to AM Team : ADEE LU
  • 2014 HONG KONG Go Skateboarding Day Video Recap
  • 屌丝神曲 – 我的滑板鞋
  • Bobby老师带你看看小鱼板是怎么玩的
  • Côte&Ciel Skates Hong Kong with its Coral Isar Rucksack
  • 2014 VANS 抢回街道 GSD 世界滑板日 北京站 现场再现!
  • 5 Years Old Skateboarder: Qi Qi
  • Converse Golden Triangle video
  • 井捌捌Team滑板旅行片《云之彼端》
  • Vans China Team 职业滑板鞋

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今天微博上 @bengya 爆料,深圳再填神地形,估计用不了多久这里又会出现在各种美国滑板大片里了吧。
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本周的飞说不可来的晚了是因为我们本周有特别嘉宾 – 网络神曲 “我的滑板” 的作者 – 约瑟翰 庞麦郎。
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昨天前 DC China team manager Danny Zhang 给我发来一个网址,打开一看新闻标题很唬人:
“Will V.F. Corp Acquire Quicksilver?” (VF集团会收购Quiksilver么?)
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